Thursday, July 8, 2010

A song to drive away the demons

Today I sat down at my piano for the first time just to play for fun.  Since my voice started deteriorating last year, it's become harder and harder to enjoy music and to love it like I used to.  But tonight I decided not to use my voice and just play the notes I couldn't sing anymore.  While I was playing, I felt my soul open up and all the heartache I felt from this past year just poured out into the piano.  I couldn't stop crying while I played.  I was thankful and sad at the same time.  I played a bunch of hymns but just mouthed the words.  I just worshipped with what I had and I knew that God was listening.  I felt all the demons that have been taunting me dissipate and for a few moments, I found some refuge from the pain that has been my reality for so long.

Hope is still alive and my heart is still singing loudly


  1. Tim I think I'm out of loop, but what happened to your voice?

    It sounds intense T>T

  2. we may only be acquaintances, but i want you to know that someone out there is also praying for you

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  4. hey tim, this post was encouraging. And btw, I really enjoyed getting a sneak peak at what's to come. ;) I could tell after last week that you've been through a lot. For some reason, you came to mind as I read these verses today. Ps.107:13,108:6,109:21(ESV). Praying them for you, bro.